Wouter Hilhorst is architect in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, teaches at Eindhoven University of Technology and ArtEZ University of the Arts, and is member of the Quality Committee of Eindhoven University of Technology. After graduating from Delft University of Technology in 2000, he worked for ten years for several architectural firms, in particular for Rapp+Rapp, and lectured at Delft University of Technology and the Rotterdamse Academie van Bouwkunst. He is doing a PhD on the spatial configuration of residential floorplans and published, among other things, in OASE Journal and in the Review of Architecture and Building Science of the Architectural Institute of Korea. Since several years the collaboration with Korean architect Hyukjin Kang, under the name of HilhorstenKang, is an important part of the work of Wouter Hilhorst.

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Buildings, places, objects should be made with care. Stemming from the urge to make things, with his own hands, Wouter Hilhorst tries in the first place to attain a quality of craftsmanship in his projects. In the course of the years this interest in craftsmanship has led to several projects more or less sideways connected to architecture. These are projects in the field of model making, furniture making, graphic design and the making of musical instruments. The “atelier”, workshop in English, is an important place for the work and for the development of new ideas for atelier wouter hilhorst.